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Welcome to our Internet Home

We are a so-called art duo which means we do stuff together. We started off as painters - Sardine doing the right hand-side and Tobleroni the left hand-side. However, we soon started doing other things as well such as videos, installations, online art and all that crap. We describe what we do as Conceptual Art Brut, the equivalent to what Punk is in music.

We work in London (UK), Basel & Lugnez (Switzerland) and Coimbra (Portugal). Sardine is from Portugal and Tobleroni from Switzerland.

Latest News

Finding Screaming Jay Hawkins' 75 Children

Help us find Mr Hawkins' kids for a portrait series of the family - click HERE

For Tobleroni's latest solo work refer to www.jayrechsteiner.com



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Up coming & current Exhibitions

We Love 77 in Porto
Jan - Mar 2014

@ Louie Louie
Rua do Almada, 307, 4050-039 Porto, Portugal



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